Annalisa Frattini


Area of interest:

My research activity began, at ITBA-CNR, with my involvement in the CNR finalized projects which had, as main objective, the isolation and characterization of genes located in the long arm (Xq24-qter) of the human X chromosome.

Then, my scientific activity, at IRGB-CNR, has been focused on the research of the causative genes of rare human diseases mainly of bone and of the immune system and on the study of the related molecular pathways in vitro and in vivo in mouse models.

Currently, my research activity takes place at the Department of Clinical Medicine (DMC) of the University of Insubria in Varese, in collaboration with the Human Genetics group. The collaboration in addition to research in the field of human genetics and stem cell biology has involved teaching activities with lessons dedicated to topics in the field of General Biology, Developmental Biology and Medical Genetics.

In collaboration with Dr. R. Valli (DMC, University of Insubria), and Dr. I. Villa (Bone Metabolism Unit, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan) we are defining the molecular pathways of the bone defects in patients affected by Schwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS, OMIM: 260400), a rare monogenic inherited multisystemic disorder principally characterized by exocrine pancreatic dysfunction, skeletal defects characterized by metaphyseal and thoracic dysplasia, early onset of low bone turnover osteoporosis, and bone marrow failure, with the predisposition toward myelodysplasia syndrome or acute myeloid leukaemia.

At the same time, we are evaluating the effect of drugs able to bypass nonsense mutations (carried by about 90% of SDS patients) in lymphoblastic cell lines and in primary cultures of osteoblasts derived from bone biopsies of SDS patients.

Most significant publications:


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