Carla Maria Rozzo


Area of interest:

Carla Maria Rozzo graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Cagliari in 1985 and, after some post-doctoral experiences at IIGB-CNR in Naples (1986-1988), at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, USA (1986-1991) and at the G. Gaslini Children’s Hospital and Research Institute in Genoa (1991-1994), in November 1994 she became a research scientist at CNR. At present she works at the IRGB-CNR. Her research activity started with basic molecular biology (cloning and characterization of new genes), then focusing on cellular and molecular biology of tumors. Within this field her interests concerned the search for biological modifiers and novel differentiation therapies for neuroectodermal tumors, the mechanisms of cell adhesion and the role of integrins in neuroblastoma cells differentiation and apoptosis. Then she started focusing on molecular biology of malignant melanoma using primary cell lines as a research model for the identification and characterization of molecules (natural or synthetic) as potential broad-spectrum antitumor agents, highlighting the molecular mechanisms underlying their anticancer activity. At present, she participates in the activity of the Sassari Cancer Genetics Unit of CNR, focused on genetic analysis and molecular diagnostics in the oncology field. In particular, her activity involves clinical-translational and basic research, focusing on precision medicine applied to medical oncology. Since 2007, until 2020, she has also overseen the organization of scientific dissemination and orientation activities of the CNR Research Area of Sassari, towards secondary schools.

Most significant publications:


Paola, Peluso; Victor, Mamane; Ylenia, Spissu; Giuseppina, Casu; Alessandro, Dessì; Roberto, Dallocchio; Barbara, Sechi; Giuseppe, Palmieri; Carla., Rozzo

Iodinated 4,4’-Bipyridines with Antiproliferative Activity Against Melanoma Cell Lines Journal Article

In: Chemical Medicinal Chemistry, (e202300662), pp. 1-12, 2024, ISSN: 1860-7187.

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Rocchitta, Gaia; Rozzo, Carla; Pisano, Marina; Fabbri, Davide; Dettori, Maria Antonietta; Ruzza, Paolo; Honisch, Claudia; Dallocchio, Roberto; Dessì, Alessandro; Migheli, Rossana; Serra, PierAndrea; Delogu, Giovanna

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In: Molecules, 27 (7942), pp. 1-24, 2022.

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Dallocchio, Roberto; Dessì, Alessandro; Sechi, Barbara; Chankvetadze, Bezhan; Cossu, Sergio; Mamane, Victor; Aubert, Emmanuel; Rozzo, Carla; Palmieri, Giuseppe; Spissu, Ylenia; Peluso., Paola

Exploring interaction modes between polysaccharide-based selectors and biologically active 4,4 ′ -bipyridines by experimental and computational analysis. Journal Article

In: Journal of Chromatography Open, 2 (100030), pp. 1-10, 2022, ISSN: 2772-3917.

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Palmieri, Giuseppe; Rozzo, Carla Maria; Colombino, Maria; Casula, Milena; Sini, Maria Cristina; Manca, Antonella; Pisano, Marina; Doneddu, Valentina; Paliogiannis, Panagiotis; Cossu., Antonio

Are Molecular Alterations Linked to Genetic Instability Worth to Be Included as Biomarkers for Directing or Excluding Melanoma Patients to Immunotherapy? Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Oncology, 11 (666624), pp. 1-11, 2021, ISSN: 2234-943X.

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Pisano, Marina; Dettori, Maria Antonietta; Fabbri, Davide; Delogu, Giovanna; Palmieri, Giuseppe; Rozzo., Carla

Anticancer activity of two novel hydroxylated biphenyl compounds toward malignant melanoma cells. Journal Article

In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 (5636), pp. 1-18, 2021, ISSN: 1422-0067.

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Dettori, Maria Antonietta; Fabbri, Davide; Pisano, Marina; Rozzo, Carla; Delogu, Giovanna

Synthesis of Hydroxylated Biphenyls Derivatives Bearing an α,β-Unsaturated Ketone as Lead Structure for the Development of New Drug Candidates Against Malignant Melanoma Journal Article

In: ChemMedChem, 16 , pp. 1022-1033, 2021.

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Colombino, M.; Rozzo, C.; Paliogiannis, P.; Casula, M.; Manca, A.; Doneddu, V.; Fedeli, M. A.; Sini, M. C.; Palomba, G.; Pisano, M.; Ascierto, P. A.; Caracò, C.; Lissia, A.; Cossu, A.; Palmieri, G.

Comparison of BRAF Mutation Screening Strategies in a Large Real-Life Series of Advanced Melanoma Patients Journal Article

In: J Clin Med, 9 (8), 2020.

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Pisano, Marina; Arru, Claudia; Serra, Maria; Galleri, Grazia; Sanna, Daniele; Garribba, Eugenio; Palmieri, Giuseppe; Rozzo, Carla

Antiproliferative activity of vanadium compounds: effects on the major malignant melanoma molecular pathways Journal Article

In: Metallomics, 11 (10), pp. 1687-1699, 2019.

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Rozzo, C; Sanna, D; Garribba, E; Serra, M; Cantara, A; Palmieri, G; Pisano, M

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In: J Inorg Biochem, 174 , pp. 14–24, 2017.

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Pisano, M.; Palomba, A.; Tanca, A.; Pagnozzi, D.; Uzzau, S.; Addis, M. F.; Dettori, M. A.; Fabbri, D.; Palmieri, G.; Rozzo, C.

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In: BMC Cancer, 16 , pp. 317, 2016.

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Rozzo, C.; Fanciulli, M.; Fraumene, C.; Corrias, A.; Cubeddu, T.; Sassu, I.; Cossu, S.; Nieddu, V.; Galleri, G.; Azara, E.; Dettori, M. A.; Fabbri, D.; Palmieri, G.; Pisano, M.

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In: Mol Cancer, 12 , pp. 37, 2013.

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