Daniele Catalucci

Head of Research

Area of interest:

Dr. Daniele Catalucci graduated from the University of Rome − Roma Tre, in 1999 and received his PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Rome − Tor Vergata, in 2003. Supported by a Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship, he performed his postdoctoral studies at the Department of Medicine, University of California San Diego, USA. By the end of 2007, Dr. Catalucci moved back to Italy (Milan) where he started up his own group at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies of the National Research Council (ITB-CNR) in collaboration with the IRCCS Multimedica Hospital. In 2009, he became a tenured scientist at the Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) of CNR and in 2012, his laboratory moved to the Humanitas Research Hospital.

His lab aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac diseases, to increase the knowledge about the function of the physiologic vs pathologic heart, and to develop novel and more effective therapeutic approaches for the treatment of the failing heart.

Macro areas of interest: 1) Molecular mechanisms for the regulation of cardiac muscle contraction: remodeling of calcium handling, signal transduction, and identification of new therapeutic drugs. 2) Biomimetic nanoparticle formulations for cardiac-specific drug delivery, an unconventional and novel effective strategy for non-invasive (via inhalation) nanoparticle-based delivery of therapeutic biomolecules to the diseased heart.

Most significant publications:


Mauro, V Di; Ceriotti, P; Lodola, F; Salvarani, N; Modica, J; Bang, M L; Mazzanti, A; Napolitano, C; Priori, S G; Catalucci, D

Peptide-Based Ŧargeting of the L-Ŧype Calcium Channel Corrects the Loss-of-Function Phenotype of Ŧwo Novel Mutations of the CACNA1 Gene Associated With Brugada Syndrome Journal Article

In: Front Physiol, 11 , pp. 616819, 2020.



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Đisease modeling of a mutation in α-actinin 2 guides clinical therapy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Journal Article

In: EMBO Mol Med, 11 (12), pp. e11115, 2019.


Mauro, V Di; Crasto, S; Colombo, F S; Pasquale, E Di; Catalucci, D

Wnt signalling mediates miR-133a nuclear re-localization for the transcriptional control of Đnmt3b in cardiac cells Journal Article

In: Sci Rep, 9 (1), pp. 9320, 2019.



Miragoli, M; Ceriotti, P; Iafisco, M; Vacchiano, M; Salvarani, N; Alogna, A; Carullo, P; Ramirez-Rodríguez, G B; Patrício, T; Esposti, L D; Rossi, F; Ravanetti, F; Pinelli, S; Alinovi, R; Erreni, M; Rossi, S; Condorelli, G; Post, H; Tampieri, A; Catalucci, D

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In: Sci Transl Med, 10 (424), 2018.


Romanelli, A; Affinito, A; Avitabile, C; Catuogno, S; Ceriotti, P; Iaboni, M; Modica, J; Condorelli, G; Catalucci, D

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In: PLoS One, 13 (3), pp. e0193392, 2018.


Marrella, A; Iafisco, M; Adamiano, A; Rossi, S; Aiello, M; Barandalla-Sobrados, M; Carullo, P; Miragoli, M; Tampieri, A; Scaglione, S; Catalucci, D

A combined low-frequency electromagnetic and fluidic stimulation for a controlled drug release from superparamagnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: potential application for cardiovascular diseases Journal Article

In: J R Soc Interface, 15 (144), 2018.



Kallikourdis, Marinos; Martini, Elisa; Carullo, Pierluigi; Sardi, Claudia; Roselli, Giuliana; Greco, Carolina M; Vignali, Debora; Riva, Federica; Berre, Anne Marie Ormbostad; Stølen, Tomas O; Fumero, Andrea; Faggian, Giuseppe; Pasquale, Elisa Di; Elia, Leonardo; Rumio, Cristiano; Catalucci, Daniele; Papait, Roberto; Condorelli, Gianluigi

T cell costimulation blockade blunts pressure overload-induced heart failure Journal Article

In: Nature Communications, 8 , pp. 14680, 2017, ISSN: 2041-1723.

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In: Circulation, 134 (7), pp. 534–546, 2016, ISSN: 1524-4539.

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Mauro, Vittoria Di; Iafisco, Michele; Salvarani, Nicolò; Vacchiano, Marco; Carullo, Pierluigi; Ramírez-Rodríguez, Gloria Belén; Patrício, Tatiana; Tampieri, Anna; Miragoli, Michele; Catalucci, Daniele

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In: Nanomedicine (London, England), 11 (8), pp. 891–906, 2016, ISSN: 1748-6963.

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Tritsch, E; Mallat, Y; Lefebvre, F; Diguet, N; Escoubet, B; Blanc, J; Windt, L J De; Catalucci, D; Vandecasteele, G; Li, Z; Mericskay, M

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