Francesca Faggioli


Area of interest:

Francesca Faggioli graduated cum laude in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Bologna in 2002 and obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine at the University of Milan. During her education, she moved in New York, US at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where she investigated the role of genetic instability in aging and diseases, posing the basis for her future scientific interest. After, she moved back to Italy at Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) of CNR, where she obtained the position of Tenured scientist in 2017. She has a long lasting research experience and expertise in liver pathophysiology, genetic instability and aging., she has received competitive grants from national funding agencies centered on the role of cellular senescence in liver cancer. In the 2014 she was funded by MIUR for the project entitled “Mouse models of senescence induced by stress and associated with amyloidosis” and was awarded the “Gerry Scotty” fellowship from Fondazione Humanitas per la Ricerca. Since 2015, she laid the groundwork for her current research line by being sponsored by the 5×1000 Campaign at Humanitas Research Hospital. Based on this pilot work in 2018, the Italian Ministry of Health funded her as a Young PI to investigate the prognostic role of cellular senescence in human liver colorectal cancer metastasis.

Her main interest focuses on DNA damage response and cellular senescence in cancer and age-related diseases. Her team currently counts a PhD with experience in molecular biology and cell culture techniques.

Dr Faggioli is co-author in 17 scientific publications in high-end peer-reviewed international journals for a total citations of 446 and Scopus “h” index of 12.

Most significant publications:


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In: Oncotarget, 6 (34), pp. 35218–35230, 2015, ISSN: 1949-2553.

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