Lucia Perseu


Area of interest:

Definition of molecular defect, regulatory genes and globin expression modifiers in the thalassemic population and knock-out and transgenic mice. I participate in the activity of the institute in the use of mouse models for malaria studies. Techniques acquired: DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, qPCR DNA sequencing, hematological analysis, FACS, iron extraction and dosing in the organs, maintenance of murine knock-out and transgenic lines, biological material removal

Most significant publications:


Danjou, Fabrice; Zoledziewska, Magdalena; Sidore, Carlo; Steri, Maristella; Busonero, Fabio; Maschio, Andrea; Mulas, Antonella; Perseu, Lucia; Barella, Susanna; Porcu, Eleonora; Pistis, Giorgio; Pitzalis, Maristella; Pala, Mauro; Menzel, Stephan; Metrustry, Sarah; Spector, Timothy D; Leoni, Lidia; Angius, Andrea; Uda, Manuela; Moi, Paolo; Thein, Swee Lay; Galanello, Renzo; Abecasis, Gonçalo R; Schlessinger, David; Sanna, Serena; Cucca, Francesco

Genome-wide association analyses based on whole-genome sequencing in Sardinia provide insights into regulation of hemoglobin levels Journal Article

In: Nature Genetics, 47 (11), pp. 1264–1271, 2015, ISSN: 1546-1718.

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van der Harst, Pim; Zhang, Weihua; Mateo Leach, Irene; Rendon, Augusto; Verweij, Niek; Sehmi, Joban; Paul, Dirk S; Elling, Ulrich; Allayee, Hooman; Li, Xinzhong; Radhakrishnan, Aparna; Tan, Sian-Tsung; ...,; Sanna, Serena; Uda, Manuela; Hicks, Andrew A; Penninger, Josef Martin; Gieger, Christian; Kooner, Jaspal S; Ouwehand, Willem H; Soranzo, Nicole; Chambers, John C

Seventy-five genetic loci influencing the human red blood cell Journal Article

In: Nature, 492 (7429), pp. 369–375, 2012, ISSN: 1476-4687.

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Danjou, Fabrice; Anni, Franco; Perseu, Lucia; Satta, Stefania; Dessì, Carlo; Lai, Maria Eliana; Fortina, Paolo; Devoto, Marcella; Galanello, Renzo

Genetic modifiers of β-thalassemia and clinical severity as assessed by age at first transfusion Journal Article

In: Haematologica, 97 (7), pp. 989–993, 2012, ISSN: 1592-8721.

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Satta, Stefania; Perseu, Lucia; Maccioni, Liliana; Giagu, Nicolina; Galanello, Renzo

Delayed fetal hemoglobin switching in subjects with KLF1 gene mutation Journal Article

In: Blood Cells, Molecules & Diseases, 48 (1), pp. 22–24, 2012, ISSN: 1096-0961.

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