Susanna Porcu


Area of interest:

Head of “Unit for the production and maintenance of mouse models of human diseases and their analysis”, in vivo studies of the mechanisms regulating function and expression of genes involved in human diseases, study of genes involved in globin genes regulation, genotypic and phenotypic analysis of genetically modified and humanized mouse lines, training of technical staff and graduates. Project leader of CRP_79200 Grant Regione Sardegna. Project collaborator of GGP14065 Grant Telethon

Most significant publications:


Marongiu, Maria F; Porcu, Susanna; Poddie, Daniela; Drabek, Dubravka; Wit, Ton De; Cao, Antonio; Ristaldi, Maria S

Different switching patterns of β-thalassaemic mutations at the proximal and distal CACCC box of the human HBB (β-globin) gene Journal Article

In: British Journal of Haematology, 173 (5), pp. 794–797, 2016, ISSN: 1365-2141.

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Manchinu, Maria F; Marongiu, Maria F; Poddie, Daniela; Casu, Carla; Latini, Veronica; Simbula, Michela; Galanello, Renzo; Moi, Paolo; Cao, Antonio; Porcu, Susanna; Ristaldi, Maria S

In vivo activation of the human δ-globin gene: the therapeutic potential in β-thalassemic mice Journal Article

In: Haematologica, 99 (1), pp. 76–84, 2014, ISSN: 1592-8721.

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Marongiu, Maria Franca; Poddie, Daniela; Porcu, Susanna; Manchinu, Maria Francesca; Castelli, Maria Paola; Sogos, Valeria; Bini, Valentina; Frau, Roberto; Caredda, Elisabetta; Collu, Maria; Ristaldi, Maria Serafina

Reversible disruption of pre-pulse inhibition in hypomorphic-inducible and reversible CB1-/- mice Journal Article

In: PloS One, 7 (4), pp. e35013, 2012, ISSN: 1932-6203.

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