Veronica Marrella


Area of interest:

I graduated in studies involving the inflammatory response in a mouse model of cerebral ischemia at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan in the group of Dr. MariaGrazia De Simoni. Then I started my work experience at CNR-ITB under the supervision of Dr. Anna Villa in the field of Primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs). I dealt with analysis of known and candidate genes in human patients gaining expertise in molecular and cellular methodologies. Then I moved to in vivo experiments characterizing the mouse model of Omenn syndrome, generated in our laboratory. After demonstrating that the model recapitulated the human disease, I explored the mechanisms of the peculiar autoimmune manifestations of this pathology. I focused my research on how thymic defect had impact on the peripheral dysregulation evaluating a possible therapeutic approach of the anti-CD3 antibody in combination with bone marrow transplantation. In 2010 I obtained a permanent position as Researcher with CNR. I continued studies about several immune aspects in Omenn mouse and in other model of diseases. Particularly I suggested a novel role of the RANKL-RANK axis in the regulation of B cell homeostasis highlighting an unexpected link between IL-10 CD40 signaling and the RANKL pathway. More recently, I participated to a study regarding the relationship between microbiota and immune responses. Finally, I collaborated in a study about the adaptive immune contribution to senescence in a model of liver fibrosis.  Thanks to the experience obtained in this last collaboration, I am responsible of a Unit in a project funded by Ministero della Salute regarding the interaction between cellular aging and immune response in human colorectal liver metastasis.

Most significant publications:


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Marrella, V; Poliani, P L; Fontana, E; Casati, A; Maina, V; Cassani, B; Ficara, F; Cominelli, M; Schena, F; Paulis, M; Traggiai, E; Vezzoni, P; Grassi, F; Villa, A

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Storini, C; Rossi, E; Marrella, V; Distaso, M; Veerhuis, R; Vergani, C; Bergamaschini, L; Simoni, M G De

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