Alessandro Testori

Assegnista di ricerca (Research grant)

Area of interest:

My research mainly focuses on the investigation of genetic susceptibility in complex traits through genome-wide association studies and computational approaches.

I am currently working to unravel the genetic basis underlying interindividual variability to COVID-19 infection, which is one of the aims of the SerGenCOVID-19 (Serum Genetic COVID-19) project.

Most significant publications:


Formicola, D.; Lasorsa, V. A.; Cantalupo, S.; Testori, A.; Cardinale, A.; Avitabile, M.; Diskin, S.; Iolascon, A.; Capasso, M.

CFDP1 is a neuroblastoma susceptibility gene that regulates transcription factors of the noradrenergic cell identity Journal Article

In: HGG Adv, 4 (1), pp. 100158, 2023.

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Testori, A.; Vaksman, Z.; Diskin, S. J.; Hakonarson, H.; Capasso, M.; Iolascon, A.; Maris, J. M.; Devoto, M.

Genetic Analysis in African American Children Supports Ancestry-Specific Neuroblastoma Susceptibility Journal Article

In: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 31 (4), pp. 870–875, 2022.

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Cardinale, A.; Cantalupo, S.; Lasorsa, V. A.; Montella, A.; Cimmino, F.; Succoio, M.; Vermeulen, M.; Baltissen, M. P.; Esposito, M.; Avitabile, M.; Formicola, D.; Testori, A.; Bonfiglio, F.; Ghiorzo, P.; Scalvenzi, M.; Ayala, F.; Zambrano, N.; Iles, M. M.; Xu, M.; Law, M. H.; Brown, K. M.; Iolascon, A.; Capasso, M.

Functional annotation and investigation of the 10q24.33 melanoma risk locus identifies a common variant that influences transcriptional regulation of OBFC1 Journal Article

In: Hum Mol Genet, 31 (6), pp. 863–874, 2022.

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Ävitabile, M.; Succoio, M.; Testori, A.; Cardinale, A.; Vaksman, Z.; Lasorsa, V. A.; Cantalupo, S.; Esposito, M.; Cimmino, F.; Montella, A.; Formicola, D.; Koster, J.; Andreotti, V.; Ghiorzo, P.; Romano, M. F.; Staibano, S.; Scalvenzi, M.; Ayala, F.; Hakonarson, H.; Corrias, M. V.; Devoto, M.; Law, M. H.; Iles, M. M.; Brown, K.; Diskin, S.; Zambrano, N.; Iolascon, A.; Capasso, M.

Neural crest-derived tumor neuroblastoma and melanoma share 1p13.2 as susceptibility locus that shows a long-range interaction with the SLC16A1 gene Journal Article

In: Carcinogenesis, 41 (3), pp. 284–295, 2020.

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Cimmino, F.; Avitabile, M.; Diskin, S. J.; Vaksman, Z.; Pignataro, P.; Formicola, D.; Cardinale, A.; Testori, A.; Koster, J.; Torres, C.; Devoto, M.; Maris, J. M.; Iolascon, A.; Capasso, M.

Fine mapping of 2q35 high-risk neuroblastoma locus reveals independent functional risk variants and suggests full-length BARĐ1 as tumor-suppressor Journal Article

In: Int J Cancer, 143 (11), pp. 2828–2837, 2018.

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