Maria Francesca Manchinu


Area of interest:

Many years of expertise and experience in molecular and cellular biology, developmental biology, gene regulation and expression and in the use and maintenance of murine models.

My current interests revolve around the identification of molecular and cellular origins of both immunodeficiency and autoimmunity diseases and understand the biological mechanisms that are implicated in immunosenescence by the analysis of knock-out and transgenic mice as models of autoimmunity.

I’m also interested in understanding the regulation of human globin genes expression as well as hemoglobin switching, and transcription factors connected to them through the study in vitro and in vivo.

Alternative therapeutic approaches to improve the diagnostic and treatment of Beta Thalassemia and sickle-cell anemia.

In addition to research, training of undergraduate and post graduate students.

Most significant publications:


Manchinu, M. F.; Simbula, M.; Caria, C. A.; Musu, E.; Perseu, L.; Porcu, S.; Steri, M.; Poddie, D.; Frau, J.; Cocco, E.; Manunza, L.; Barella, S.; Ristaldi, M. S.

Delta-Globin Gene Expression Is Enhanced in vivo by Interferon Type I Journal Article

In: Front Med (Lausanne), 7 , pp. 163, 2020.

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Manchinu, M. F.; Brancia, C.; Caria, C. A.; Musu, E.; Porcu, S.; Simbula, M.; Asunis, I.; Perseu, L.; Ristaldi, M. S.

Deficiency in interferon type 1 receptor improves definitive erythropoiesis in Klf1 null mice Journal Article

In: Cell Death Differ, 25 (3), pp. 589–599, 2018.

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Manchinu, M. F.; Marongiu, M. F.; Poddie, D.; Casu, C.; Latini, V.; Simbula, M.; Galanello, R.; Moi, P.; Cao, A.; Porcu, S.; Ristaldi, M. S.

In vivo activation of the human δ-globin gene: the therapeutic potential in β-thalassemic mice Journal Article

In: Haematologica, 99 (1), pp. 76–84, 2014.

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Porcu, S.; Manchinu, M. F.; Marongiu, M. F.; Sogos, V.; Poddie, D.; Asunis, I.; Porcu, L.; Marini, M. G.; Moi, P.; Cao, A.; Grosveld, F.; Ristaldi, M. S.

Klf1 affects DNase II-alpha expression in the central macrophage of a fetal liver erythroblastic island: a non-cell-autonomous role in definitive erythropoiesis Journal Article

In: Mol Cell Biol, 31 (19), pp. 4144–4154, 2011.

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