Maria Giuseppina Marini


Area of interest:

Maria Giuseppina Marini is Researcher at the IRGB CNR in Monserrato (CA), Italy.
She graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Cagliari, Italy, in 1991, obtained a specialization in Genetics and Molecular Biology at the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1997
and a doctorate at the University of Cagliari, Italy, in 2006.

Field of research:  Molecular Pathology of thalassemias and other genetic diseases, gene regulation, identification of the etio-pathogenic basis of susceptibility to pathogen resistance.

Project leader of CRP_ CRP-60653 Grant Regione Sardegna

Most significant publications:


Mingoia, M; Caria, C A; Ye, L; Asunis, I; Marongiu, M F; Manunza, L; Sollaino, M C; Wang, J; Cabriolu, A; Kurita, R; Nakamura, Y; Cucca, F; Kan, Y W; Marini, M G; Moi, P

Induction of therapeutic levels of HbF in genome-edited primary β0 39-thalassaemia haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells Journal Article

In: Br J Haematol, 192 (2), pp. 395–404, 2021.

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Marini, M. G.; Porcu, L.; Asunis, I.; Loi, M. G.; Ristaldi, M. S.; Porcu, S.; Ikuta, T.; Cao, A.; Moi, P.

Regulation of the human ĦBA genes by KLF4 in erythroid cell lines Journal Article

In: Br J Haematol, 149 (5), pp. 748–758, 2010.

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Marini, M. G.; Asunis, I.; Porcu, L.; Salgo, M. G.; Loi, M. G.; Brucchietti, A.; Cao, A.; Moi, P.

The distal beta-globin CACCC box is required for maximal stimulation of the beta-globin gene by EKLF Journal Article

In: Br J Haematol, 127 (1), pp. 114–117, 2004.

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Marini, M. G.; Asunis, I.; Chan, K.; Chan, J. Y.; Kan, Y. W.; Porcu, L.; Cao, A.; Moi, P.

Cloning MafF by recognition site screening with the NFE2 tandem repeat of ĦS2: analysis of its role in globin and GCSl genes regulation Journal Article

In: Blood Cells Mol Dis, 29 (2), pp. 145–158, 2002.

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Marini, M. G.; Chan, K.; Casula, L.; Kan, Y. W.; Cao, A.; Moi, P.

hMAF, a small human transcription factor that heterodimerizes specifically with Nrf1 and Nrf2 Journal Article

In: J Biol Chem, 272 (26), pp. 16490–16497, 1997.

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