Milena Casula

Senior Researcher

Temporary assigned to IRGB from Biomolecular Chemistry Institute (ICB) CNR

Area of interest:

Milena Casula received her Academic Degree in Biological Science at the University of Sassari in 1999 and her PhD Degree in Biochemistry, Biology and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Sassari in 2008. She has extensive background in biological sciences combined with a strong practical work experience in basic research, mainly focused on oncology studies. She worked abroad at the Doctor Negrin University Hospital of Gran Canaria studying the role of Wnt/beta-catenin and Toll Like Receptors Signaling Pathways in the acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome, testing new biological molecules on cell culture model for sepsis-related processes. She is the author of several scientific articles (Scopus H-index: 19) and she is currently involved in the analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) using highly sensitive methods such as Next Generation Sequencing and Digital PCR.



Most significant publications:


Colombino, M.; Rozzo, C.; Paliogiannis, P.; Casula, M.; Manca, A.; Doneddu, V.; Fedeli, M. A.; Sini, M. C.; Palomba, G.; Pisano, M.; Ascierto, P. A.; Caracò, C.; Lissia, A.; Cossu, A.; Palmieri, G.

Comparison of BRAF Mutation Screening Strategies in a Large Real-Life Series of Advanced Melanoma Patients Journal Article

In: J Clin Med, 9 (8), 2020.

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