Simona Incollu

Post-doctoral research grant

Area of interest:

My previous research experience was focused on the molecular study of the ATP7B gene (Wilson Disease), both in the diagnosis of the disease and in functional studies.

In the meanwhile, I obtained the specialization degree in Clinical Pathology.

My current job is the management of scientific dissemination of the Women4Health project and, in the near future, the enrollment of volunteers and management of the related database regarding the questionnaire to be filled by volunteers.

Most significant publications:


Gialluisi, A.; Incollu, S.; Pippucci, T.; Lepori, M. B.; Zappu, A.; Loudianos, G.; Romeo, G.

The homozygosity index (HI) approach reveals high allele frequency for Wilson disease in the Sardinian population Journal Article

In: Eur J Hum Genet, 21 (11), pp. 1308–1311, 2013.

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Lepori, M. B.; Zappu, A.; Incollu, S.; ì, V.; Mameli, E.; Demelia, L.; Nurchi, A. M.; Gheorghe, L.; Maggiore, G.; Sciveres, M.; Leuzzi, V.; Indolfi, G.; é, L.; Casali, C.; Angeli, P.; Barone, P.; Cao, A.; Loudianos, G.

Mutation analysis of the ATP7B gene in a new group of Wilson's disease patients: contribution to diagnosis Journal Article

In: Mol Cell Probes, 26 (4), pp. 147–150, 2012.



Incollu, S.; Lepori, M. B.; Zappu, A.; ì, V.; Noli, M. C.; Mameli, E.; Iorio, R.; Ranucci, G.; Cao, A.; Loudianos, G.

DNA and RNA studies for molecular characterization of a gross deletion detected in homozygosity in the NH2-terminal region of the ATP7B gene in a Wilson disease patient Journal Article

In: Mol Cell Probes, 25 (5-6), pp. 195–198, 2011.



Lovicu, M.; Lepori, M. B.; Incollu, S.; ì, V.; Zappu, A.; Iorio, R.; DÁmbrosi, M.; Pellecchia, M. T.; Barone, P.; Maggiore, G.; Virgiliis, S. De; Cao, A.; Loudianos, G.

RNA analysis of consensus sequence splicing mutations: implications for the diagnosis of Wilson disease Journal Article

In: Genet Test Mol Biomarkers, 13 (2), pp. 185–191, 2009.


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