Project Description


Deciphering female’s SEx hormones – MIcrobiota interactions during a menstrual CYCLE for an efficient personalized medicine in cardiometabolic disorders

The project “SEMICYCLE”  aims at understanding the interactions between females’ sex hormones and the microbiota for an efficient personalized medicine in cardiometabolic disorders in women: in particular, it responds to the need to improve knowledge on the biological mechanisms responsible for these pathologies, which today represent one of the leading causes of female mortality. It will use clinical and biomedical data collected in the cohorts: Women4Health, Lifelines, and Lifelines Next.

In the era of precision medicine, in which we try to define the personalized treatment for each patient on the basis of his characteristics, it is urgent to study emerging risk factors specific to women through research projects oriented towards female medicine.

The results of this project will reveal the possible mechanisms that determine the onset and progression of cardiometabolic diseases in women and lay the foundations for a more specific prevention and treatment strategy for women.

Funding sources:

This project is funded by ERC Starting Grant 2022 to Serena Sanna.

Research Team:

The research group at CNR-IRGB is formed by the coordinator Serena Sanna, researchers Fabio Busonero, Francesca Crobu, Andrea Maschio, Elena Vinerbi and other researchers who will be recruited specifically for the project.


Many collaborators will be involved in the projects: researchers from the Burlo-Garofolo Hospital in Trieste (IT); from the University of Groningen (NL); from the University Hospital of Monserrato (Cagliari) and from the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Cagliari.

Relevant links:

To read about the Women4Health cohort, and to download the Brochure and Flyers,  click here: