SEX DIMORPHISM Molecular circuits of sex dimorphism in cardiomethabolic traits and risk factors Sex Dimorphism is the project 101066678 (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101066678) developed by Daniela Zanetti under the supervision of Serena Sanna at the Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Cagliari. This project aims to [...]



SEMICYCLE Deciphering female’s SEx hormones - MIcrobiota interactions during a menstrual CYCLE for an efficient personalized medicine in cardiometabolic disorders The project “SEMICYCLE”  aims at understanding the interactions between females’ sex hormones and the microbiota for an efficient personalized medicine in cardiometabolic disorders in women: in particular, it responds to the [...]



(AGE-it) Aging well in an ageing society AGE-IT is a network of Universities, research institutions and companies that brings together skills for the development of 10 different areas. A total of 27 subjects participate in the Age-it Extended Partnership. The partnership includes the University of Florence, the University of Milan Bicocca, [...]



AD MAIORA A multi-Dimensional Model of cAre and transItion for patients with cOmplex RAre diseases: challenges in the era of new technologies Over the past century, the progress in biomedical sciences gave outstanding contributions to the understanding of human conditions, and even curing some of them. Recent advances in high-throughput technologies [...]



DETECT DEciphering geneTic hEterogeneity in ColorecTal cancer: in situ and circulating cell subtypes identification Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the 2nd most mortal cancer worldwide, despite advances in healthcare and screening, CRC remains a major public health problem. Tumor drug resistance dues to inter and intratumor heterogeneity (ITH) is the mainly cause [...]

Search for genetic factors implicated in Hirschsprung Associated Enterocolitis


Search for genetic factors implicated in Hirschsprung Associated Enterocolitis Search for genetic factors implicated in Hirschsprung Associated Enterocolitis Hirschsprung's disease (HSCR) is a congenital gut malformation caused by a lack of innervation that affects about 1 in 5000 live births [1]. One of the most serious complications is constituted by enterocolitis [...]



(BRAVEinMS) Bioinformatics and cell ReprogrAmming to deVElop an IN vitro platform to discover new drugs for progressive Multiple Sclerosis (BRAVEinMS) BRAVEinMS rises from the joint efforts of laboratories from five different countries in Europe and North America with the aim of merging and synergizing unique competences in order to identifying promising molecules that can counteract the progression [...]



WOMEN4HEALTH A unique cohort to study mechanisms underlying cardiometabolic disorders in Women Do you know that the leading cause of death for women is not breast or uterine cancer, but cardiometabolic diseases, which include type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome? Italian, national statistical data from 2018 indicates that the incidence of [...]



PREDICT     PREcision meDicine In ColorecTal cancer: new clinical-genomic network for expanding tailored oncologic care.   The most prevalent approach of molecular oncology focuses on the analysis of the entire tumor mass and identifies profiles of the genetic variants of neoplasms arising from both healthy and neoplastic cells. Genomics, epigenomics [...]

“Triple Negative” breast cancer therapy


"Triple Negative" breast cancer therapy     Immunohistochemical panel and epigenetic markers for predictive purposes in "Triple Negative" breast cancer therapy.   "Triple Negative" breast cancer (TNBC) is a morphologically and genetically heterogeneous tumor. It represents the rarest BC subtype (12-24%) but the aggressive clinical behavior and high histologic grade cause [...]



NEUDIG   Unveiling the hidden side of NEUrodevelopmental DIsorder Genetics: a multidisciplinary pathway to new molecular diagnoses by integrating genomic, transcriptomic, and functional analyses.   Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) are a group of disorders caused by the disruption of essential neurodevelopmental processes. NDDs include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, attention deficit hyperactivity [...]



AppliCare Antimicrobial peptides loaded inhalable calcium phosphates nanoparticles for the counteraction of antibiotic resistance: towards a new therapy for respiratory infections The aim of AppliCare is to develop a new therapeutic formulation based on inhalable and biodegradable calcium phosphate nanoparticles (NPs) functionalized with novel peptides (AMPs). Peptides (AMPs) will be identified [...]

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